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A LinkedIn message began my relationship with entrepreneurship. I received an inmail from the Co-Founder of Odyssey; I interviewed with her on Thursday, the founder on Friday, and moved from Michigan to Indy on Sunday to crash on her couch until I found a place to stay.

I didn’t realize I was joining a startup, but after my first day it was glaringly obvious. We worked out of the other side of a bagel factory and occasionally pawned things to make payroll. I jumped in head first and spent the next 3 years not only growing a department, but building a company.

I learned I thrive working in fast paced environments with limited time, resources, and direction to create something exceptional. I did whatever it took to get the job done, and found creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

In search of warmer weather, I moved to Austin and joined OwnLocal, a YC SaaS startup, as their first marketing hire.

I became and handled all aspects of marketing— PR, sales enablement, trade shows, webinars, social media, blogging, email, events, and more—first as an individual contributor, then as leader scaling the team. At OwnLocal I learned how to keep a cool head under pressure and how to get an airstream into the second floor of a J.W. Marriott.

Most recently, I was a first marketing hire at Opcity, a real estate technology company, and set a foundation for the marketing team as it scaled. Realtor.com acquired Opcity in Oct. 2018 and I oversaw brand, system and team migrations as the companies integrated.

I currently oversee our B2B Brand and Customer teams and am focused on how Realtor.com’s brand shows up to the industry, building a content and community strategy, and promoting positive customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle.

If you’ve made it this far you have a longer attention span than me. Thanks for reading!

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