Teofilo Tise

Fire Alarm Installation

At Teo Fire And Security, We take fire safety seriously. Our team strategically installs sensors, control panels, and notification devices to provide early warnings in case of a fire. 

Burglar Alarm Installation Design

Burglar alarm installation design is a critical component of safeguarding your property against intruders. An expert inspection ensures that your alarm system is strategically placed and configured to provide optimal security. 

Smart Homes

Explore the possibilities and make your home smarter with the latest in automation and connectivity. With smart homes, you can manage lighting, heating, security, and entertainment through your smartphone or voice commands, creating a seamless and customized living experience. From energy savings to enhanced security, smart homes offer a multitude of benefits. 

Access Control

Embrace the power to control and secure your world with state-of-the-art access control solutions. With advanced technology, access control can encompass keycards, biometrics, PIN codes, and more, offering flexibility and precision in safeguarding your property.  


Cctv is the unblinking eye that never sleeps. This surveillance technology is your constant companion in monitoring and safeguarding your property. Whether it’s your home, business, or public spaces, CCTV cameras provide real-time video recording and remote viewing, allowing you to keep a vigilant watch around the clock 

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