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Smart Search Tools
Multiple Engines

You can switch between Elasticsearch™ and AWS
OpenSearch™ without changing the app code.

Multiple Versions

Run multiple versions of both search engines
simultaneously without the pain of upgrading.

Simplified Search Platform Language (SSPL)
  • SmartSearch uses Search Processing Language (SPL) to process data across Elasticsearch™ and AWS OpenSearch™.
  • It enables a user to switch between engines without rewriting code.
  • You can use a single code base for different versions of Elasticsearch™ and AWS OpenSearch™ at the same time.
  • This ensures upgrades or patches dont break search code on front ends.
Simplified ML Ops Pipeline

We provide a simple click-through steps to get the vectorized data back tour your cluster

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP integration right out of the box to recognize users intent when searching.

Multiple Inference Engines

We support a wide variety of inferences against your data and to your pipeline

Visual Control Plane

SmartSearch provides a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) admin panel with enterprise features on top of the search engine to easily configure searches without coding.

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