Kyle Williams

Senior VP

Velocity 1031

A division of Fyntex, Inc.

Exchanging at the Speed of Real Estate


Granted, some form of tax deferred exchanging has been with us since 1921. That means the process itself is older, however the logistics have been streamlined dramatically with what we have now with Section 1031.

While IRC Section 1031 has been called ‘the greatest wealth buiding tool still left in the code’, we believe there is still room for improvement. Mainly in the transactional experience of the Exchanger and the need for better client visibility and improved access to exchange oriented expertise

The most recent improvements to the exchanging experience have been the recent introduction of true data security and funds security via the industry leading processing platform developed by Fyntex in Silicon Valley.

These advances, which include facilitating all exchanges within an encrypted environment for data security, and the creation of 1031 trust accounts in the name and tax ID number of the Exchanger, have gone a long way to perfected the facilutation process.

These are also the criteria we use when we decided to launch the Velocity 1031 effort, and do it within the industry leading footprint of Fyntex.

We think we’ve largely cracked the code on what makes the ideal Exchanger experience. If you’re an Exchanger, we hope you’ll agree with us and give us a try with your next 1031!

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