Funding Consultant

HB Capital is a family-owned business founded in 2015 by us, the ‘Henriquez Brothers.’ Our passion to help came from a good look around the industry and noticing that the rhetoric pouring out of loan companies all sounded the same. It screamed profits over clients. To us, business owners deserved more than just someone looking to exploit a small business in a moment of need. They need an ally. A partner they could consult and grow with for the longterm.

And that’s why we started HB Capital. We designed our loan model to not only give business owners (regardless of personal background) the opportunity to secure funding when they needed it the most. But to be there to support and sustain the company’s growth across all aspects of the business. To us, it will never be about profits and bottom lines. It will always be about our business clients and what they need.

Sam DiMattia – Deli Owner Wall, NJ

HB Capital and the staff have been very helpful and fast in getting me the money I need to grow my company.

Kathy Sanchez – Restaurant Owner Bridgeport , CT

If you are looking for working capital and need it quick, then HB Capital is the company that you want to get it from! They are fast, efficient, and the rates can’t be beat, they take a certain dollar amount each day, not a percentage, like the other companies; that’s what makes them great!!! I needed money to expand my business and HB Capital got me the funds that I needed, within two days I had the money in my account! I’ve used them twice already and I am sure to use them again, they are the best, thanks HB Capital!!

Angie Buchanan – Massage Therapist Albuquerque NM

Wow you guys really helped out A LOT! I really don’t know where I’d be If I hadn’t reached out! I was barely breaking even when I met a marketing agency that I heard great news about and because of you guys I was able to afford them and now my business is GROWING! Thank YOU HB Capital!!




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