Damian "Happy" Crosby

Founder of Research X Labs

Hi I’m Damian, a tech enthusiast and visionary, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the digital future. With a dynamic blend of expertise in blockchain technology, Ai, machine learning, DeFi, Web3, and FinTech, I’ve carved a unique path in the world of innovation. My journey is rooted in a passion for human-computer interaction, cognitive science, and user experience, shaping the products and startups of tomorrow. Beyond the screens, I’m a relentless advocate for the convergence of technology and medicine, exploring the vast possibilities to reshape healthcare for the better. Join me on this incredible ride as we explore the limitless horizons of the tech universe. Together, we’ll unlock the future, one click at a time. Welcome to my digital world, where innovation knows no bounds!

Blockchain Technology, Ai, Machine Learning, DeFi, Web3, FinTech, Product Management, Cognitive Science, Product Development, Branding, and Marketing


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